298,000円 税抜

商品コード: M-115522-JP


Dream star (with heated humidifier)

/Since the power supply unit is built in, it can be used only with the power cord, and it is integrated with a heating and humidifier.

/ Considering not only the size of the sound but also the quality of the sound, the operating sound is not bothersome.

/Any manufacturer's mask can be used.

/It has a function to automatically adjust pressure according to breathing condition.

/Increase or decrease the pressure according to the breathing cycle and provide natural and comfortable breathing.

● Notes on usage

/This product does not include mask for CPAP. Please prepare a mask separately (We have a mask for CPAP at our shop)

/To purchase a doctor's [CPAP therapy instructions] is required. If you need a sheet of CPAP therapy instructions, we will mail it to your doctor or prospective buyer. (We will also guide you to the nearest Sleep Specialist Clinic so please do not hesitate to consult us)

/You can complete the purchase procedure after confirming the doctor's instruction sheet.