新商品 おすすめ商品

285,000円 税抜


商品コード: M-116412


Sefam社の提唱する ‘Human touch to care’ をコンセプトに開発されました。
フランスのトップデザイナー、Philippe Starckと共にデザインされました。

Sefam’s vision of ‘Human touch to care’ we translated into:
‘Humanized’ products, designed for people
“For our patients, we want to create devices that are reassuring, discrete and less frightening, with a carefully-developed ergonomic design that is very simple and easy to use, making medical devices look less intimidating.”
Take design to the next level with Philippe Starck, the French top designer.

· This product does not include mask for CPAP. Please prepare a mask separately (We have a mask for CPAP at our shop)

/APAP mode
The APAP mode which adjusts air supply automatically within the set pressure range is carried according to the breathing state of the user. Recognizing when the breathing has become shallow, automatically increase the supply pressure, support comfortable breathing.


寸法(Size)     245x140x110mm
重量(Weght)    1.4kg(電源ユニット除く)
電源(Power Supply) 100~240V, 50/60Hz
承認番号  230ALBZX000080000
JANコード  4582330865574