Sleep Weaver 3D L size


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  1. CPAP用マスク

スリープウィーバー 3D ブルー ラージ(L)サイズ
Sleep Weaver 3D  Blue  Size:Large

首回り42cm以上/Neck area over 16in"

What's the problem? The Japanese is also not clear.

Ideal for those sensitive to the pressure. Easily folds for carrying.

/ Silicone free and latex free.

/ Expands with air from CPAP, very comfortable with nice fit.

/Doesn't leave marks on your face.

/ Translation is good, but not sure if this is a good selling point since you will wear while sleeping.

/Light and easy to fold for packing on business trips.

/Easily washable by hand.

/Absorbent material that helps prevent condensation.

/ Shape makes turning over in sleep easily.